Overview of the art in the villas

The villas offer a unique look at the recent history of the Croatian art scene and its authors: Bane Milenkovic, Tomislav Buntak, Ivan Picelj, Fedor Fischer, Bozica Dea Matasic, Emil Trutanic, Stjepan Sandrk, Helena Janecic and Martina Grlic.

The following are some of the works of art present in luxury retreats Villa Mara and Little Mara:

Božica Dea Matasić.jpg

Bozica dea Matasic

Ms. Matasic was a chief curator in multiple art galleries in Croatia, and had more than 15 standalone exhibitions and more than 40 collective exhibitions. Ms. Matasic is teaching sculpting at the Arts academy in Osijek.

emil trutanić.JPG

Emil trutanic

His work focuses on shaping stone figures. Mr. Trutanic loves transforming stones from a hard and cold objects into works which are soft, worm and envoke positive feelings.

Stjepan Šandrk.JPG

Stjepan Sandrk

He likes to view paintings as a medium which documents certain events and emotions. His work is a result of digital manipulation which is later transformed into real paintings.

Helena Janečić.JPG

Helena Janecic

Artist Helena Janecic prioritizes the female protagonist, placing women in visual narratives of confidence, self-awareness, and reimagined tradition. Her work, which ranges from large-scale paintings to graphic, comic-book-inspired drawings

Martina Grlić.JPG

Martina Grlic

Martina loves revisiting the recent past so she often creates paintings based on old photographs. Even though she deals with the past, her work is modern, both in concept and performance.